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June round! [May. 30th, 2010|06:09 pm]
Werebeast Art Exchange


Emails go out June 10! Art will be due July 10.

LJ Username:
Valid E-mail:
Maximum Rating:
Personal Gallery: This is required.

Natural Form: Be as detailed as possible with descriptions.
Secondary Form:
Other Form[s, if applicable]:
Accessories [clothing, jewellery, weapons, etc]:
Shapeshifting Conditions: How, when, and why does your werebeast shapeshift?
Preferred Environment:
Other Notes:
Form Preference: What form would you most like to see your character depicted in?
Reference Pictures: You must have at least one!

[User Picture]From: kabaryu
2010-06-01 07:53 pm (UTC)
Name: Amy K. Cyrway
LJ Username: kabaryu
Valid E-mail: kabaryu@gmail.com
Maximum Rating: Mature
Personal Gallery: http://apocrypha.vigistry.com or http://chalbys.deviantart.com

Name: Reese Ravensdale
Sex: Female
Species: lilin - liguar (mother was jaguar, father was lion)
Natural Form: Hume-like: 183 centimeters tall (6'1"), 70kg (165 pounds). Amazonian: Brazilian, Portegeuse, Briton, North African heritage. Honey brown eyes, dark brown hair, very wavy, kept short framing her face. Ears retain a pointedness, longer canines. Jaguar spots are visible on her neck and shoulders, but they appear more like faint freckles and don't attract too much attention.
Secondary Form: (Rare however art-encouraged occurrence; As lilin go, she's a bit of an oddity: to change causes her more damage than good. She's prone to stick to hume form and fight that way if needed.) melanistic ("black"; although tends to be a warmer tone) jaguar, spots are visible. Lionid build. In story, she doesn't have a tail, but it's quite all right to draw her with one.
Other Form[s, if applicable]: none.
Clothing: Fashionable in a functional sort of way: form-fitting tee shirts, low-rider jeans, sensible shoes, either slightly larger boots with thick socks or open-toe sandals (see conditions.)
Accessories [clothing, jewellery, weapons, etc]: both ears are pierced once, no other permanent accessories.
Personality: Sensible, logical, cool and collected -- usually. Sociable, a blast at parties, loves to hang out with people. Is good at taking things in stride where others might flip out; is used to dealing with hot-heads.
Shapeshifting Conditions: She's pretty good in a battle as hume, but she perceives the opponent to be an immediate threat to her loved ones, she'll do anything to neutralise the enemy. Th first thing to happen is her claws emerge -- these literally tear through her fingers and toes -- followed by top and bottom carnassial teeth that juts her jaw outward. She remains plantigrade in structure, but can roll to digitigrade for sprints.
Preferred Environment: Urban; she doesn't like to admit it aloud, but she loves a good brawl.
Other Notes: Mature rating for violence or tasteful nudity.
Form Preference: I'm not particular. :D
Reference Pictures:
My design for her beast form: http://apocrypha.vigistry.com/images/reese_lilan.jpg
Colouration as hume: http://apocrypha.vigistry.com/tarot/strength.htm
Full Bio: http://apocrypha.vigistry.com/reese.htm
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[User Picture]From: lantairvlea
2010-06-02 01:38 pm (UTC)
Name: Kunst
LJ Username: Lantairvlea
Valid E-mail: insanity_dwells_here@yahoo.com
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Personal Gallery: www.keist.net or lantairvlea.deviantart.com

Name: Kallah Sitkohn
Sex: Female
Species: Clamon: Brehtsoln

Natural Form: Clamon (Brehtsoln type)
Clamon are a large marsupial creature loosely based off of the sugar glider. Kallah is slightly a-typical for the Brehtsoln type, being a dark, rich purple color and having yellow eyes instead of the more typical shades of green or teal. The gliding membrane stretches from wrist to ankle and the back of the heel to about mid-tail. Her black markings, which are also apparent in her human form include: a black dorsal stripe, black above her eyes, a “tear-stain” mark similar to a cheetah, and black that traces from her cheek, down her neck, over her shoulder, down her ribs, thigh, and meeting with her dorsal stripe just above her tail. She also has black-tipped ears, a black band around her elbow and wrist (below the wrist her hand/paw is white), and ankle. Her underbelly is white along with the tips of her toes and a large white patch over her shoulders. All of the markings are symmetrical. Her hair is black and fades to white at the tips, this hair is present on her head, at her “whithers” (between shoulder blades), and on her rump just before the tail.

She is longer than she is tall and fairly slender.

Secondary Form: Human
Her human form isn’t set in stone yet, so have fun if you draw it, I need ideas. The only definite is that her black markings are present in her human form and her hair is black and fades to white at the ends. Her complexion is also mid-to-dark.

Other Form: Half form, in between her human and full Clamon forms. The flight membrane is reduced, stretching from elbow to mid-ribs and back of the knee to about a quarter of the way down the tail.

Clothing: None in full form. Clothing in human and half forms are generally loose and airy, allowing for free movement.

Accessories [clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc]: n/a

Personality: Kallah is a bit of a hard-nose. She wasn’t always that way, but hugely traumatic events have the affect of changing a person. She is very passionate about defending her people. She is also very passionate about making humans pay for what they did to the Clamon. Once she is focused on something there is little that can keep her from accomplishing it, or changing her mind. For the most part she keeps herself closed off to others emotionally.

Shapeshifting Conditions: How, when, and why does your werebeast shapeshift? She can shape-shift at will, but if she is emotionally stressed or unbalanced she has a hard time keeping her human or half form.

Preferred Environment: Alone.

Other Notes: n/a

Form Preference: What form would you most like to see your character depicted in? No preference.

Reference Pictures: http://www.keist.net/l/art/2005/kallahsitkohn1.jpg
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